Irish education blended with Libyan traditions.



Importance of Education: One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers. Sayings of Prophet Mohammed - (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him)


At ISM school, we work with an integrated teaching model whereby teachers follow a common, structured revision schedule which aids students’ retention of key concepts.


In order to scaffold this approach we provide:


1- Regular bi-monthly assessment tests

2- Revision worksheets

3- Detailed revision schedules

4- Follow-up action- teachers meet students on a one to one basis and discuss potential areas for improvement and strategies required to attain their desired grade.


Continual assessment is a major feature of life at ISM School. Under continual assessment students take part in:


5- Mock Exams of 12th grade students after the Christmas.


The results of all academic assessments are posted to parents on a regular basis; parent-teacher meetings are also held at the end of each term.






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We offer Irish education blended with Libyan traditions.

ISM - a caring school in the heart of Tripoli.


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