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Importance of Education: One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers. Sayings of Prophet Mohammed - (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him)

ISM English Courses


ISM English courses are taught in the afternoon using ISM Language Labs.




The Students are placed into different levels according to the result of their entrance exam. The exam covers the following sections:


1- Section (A): Assessing the student's ability in conversation.

2- Section (B): Assessing the student's ability in reading. Section

3- Section (C): Concentrates on assessing the student's ability in writing.


Duration of the course:


The course continues for 6 weeks, 5 days a week, 3 hours per a day. Saturdays - Wednesdays.


Certificates and Reports:


At the End of each course the student is given a certificate, containing a detailed report about the date of the course, the duration, the number of hours covered and the final result.


Structured Levels


1- Beginner's Foundation Level (A):

This course is aimed at those who have no basics. They are introduced to the fundamental rules of grammar, basic common vocabularies and practical conversations.

2-  Beginner's First Level (B):

This course is designed to suit students who have passed Level (A). It concentrates on reading, writing, comprehension and conversation.

3- Beginner's Second Level (Elementary):

This course is aimed at those who have passed the two previous Levels or those who have some basic knowledge of the language. It covers the principals of grammar with concentration on developing different skills for improving the student's English Language.

4- Pre-Intermediate Level:

This course is aimed at those who have passed the three previous levels. It also available for students who take the entrance exam and their score qualifies them to enter this level.

5- First intermediate level (A):

The Intermediate level is an introduction course to prepare students for the second intermediate level (B). Students who pass this level will gain language skills that will allow them to study in different fields and use reference materials in English.

6- Second intermediate (B):

This is the Final Intermediate Level. The syllabus of this level are arranged in an order, that aims to improve their ability in using reference writing in English, and it will also provide them with an opportunity to continue higher education in different fields.

7- First Upper-intermediate Level (A):

This level is aimed at those who have passed the intermediate levels. It provides the students with more complex details of the language. By completing this level, the student will have studied the language thoroughly, and this course will be followed with a short course which concentrates on preparing the student for the Cambridge PET exam.

8- Second Upper-intermediate Level (A):

This level concentrates on the analysis study of higher English grammar. The syllabus consists of different sources (e.g Magazines, newspapers and novels). By passing this level the students will be fluent in the English Language. This level is followed by a short course to assist the students to pass the TOFEL Exam and the Cambridge "FCF" which is required by most of the American and British universities.




Course Fees:  Each course costs 200 LYD.


With qualified teachers & audiovisual aids we give you the best.


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We offer Irish education blended with Libyan traditions.

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