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On Thursday, the 24th of April, we, the Grade 8's, put on a carnival for the whole elementary school, which turned out to be highly successful. We started planning about 2 weeks ahead of time. We planned the booths, and collected the needed resources. Then we went to the Rec Hall to set up the carnival. Believe me when I say, 'It was a huge success.' The kids loved it. - Fares B.

Putting on a carnival at school wasn't easy. It needed money, supplies, and most of all, teamwork. We needed to stick together and help one another. - Lames

As a year 8 class, we put on a carnival in order to make the day happier and more joyful for the elementary students. Indeed, it was worth it in the end, as they left with smiles on their faces and the hall was full of noise and laughter. In fact, anyone who came in would agree that the hall vibrated with energy that overtook the students when they entered. - Hajer

The purpose of the Carnival was to fill the hearts of the kids with joy and happiness. Each student in Grade 8 worked in a booth, but mostly, we worked in pairs. We also had four conductors to bring the little kids from their classes and manage any problems during the carnival. We had as much fun as the children and it was an amazing day. - Zedan

The ISM Carnival was amazing. Everybody had a blast. The students enjoyed the 'Prize Pool' because they got gifts. There were also other fun games like 'Minute to Win It', 'Bowling', 'Bean Bag Throw' and 'Hockey'. The younger kids loved the face decals. Mainly, the kids liked the way the grade 8's treated them. Just looking at our smiling faces made them feel welcome. - Shada

The carnival was fun, but it was also exhausting. There was a five minute break between every class. In that amount of time we tried each others' booths and ate some snacks. But, when the classes came in the teacher blew the whistle and we immediately went to our booths. - Fares E. G.

My favourite moments were when we would get all freaked out, after the whistle blew, just before the next 'wave' of kids was about to come in. - Tamim

A highlight was the KG girl that placed five apples on top of each other at the 'Minute to Win It' booth, when I hadn't been able to do it. - Omar

My favourite moment was when two friends tried my 'Minute to Win It' booth. One of them stuck his face right in the flour, and the other one sucked flour through the straw instead of blowing it out. - Noor

I had my favourite moment while teaching the children how to blow and make big bubbles. When we blew bubbles for Pre-K and Kg, they started chasing and popping the bubbles. - DoyounWe welcome parents to contact us and make an appointment to meet directly with leading school staff regarding the education of your children in ISM. We're happy to answer all your questions and personally show you around the school facilities.


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