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This year, the Grade 12's organized and ran a school bazaar to raise funds for grad and also for charity. At the bazaar this year, there was a food court. There were different types of coffee shops and restaurants such as Cinnabon, Azmir, and Jamango's. Some students made their own food and sold it. There was also an ice cream shop and also traditional tea and deserts.

In the gym, there was a program for kids and teens with rap performers, dancers and a clown along with his monkey. Some students sold brightly colored handmade bracelets. Other tables had sun glasses, hair clips and other jewelry for sale.

There were 16 soldiers from the local battalion who came to help out with security at the bazaar. Also, some of the grade 12 students patrolled the perimeter to make sure no one jumped over the walls to avoid going through the main gate. The kids' entertainment part of the bazaar included a 4 meter high castle slide, a train ride, a popcorn machine, and a face painting booth. A lot of work went into making the bazaar successful. But the hard work paid off and it was enjoyed by all and went very smoothly. Grade 12 students also spent hours cleaning up afterwards. When classes resumed on Monday morning, there was no evidence of the big event that had taken place just twelve hours before. (Submitted by the Grade 12 class)




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